Discover the Inspiring Journey of Zara Rourke

A Connection to Africa’s Heartbeat

Meet Zara Rourke

Zara is a remarkable adventurer with a deep-rooted connection to africa.

Originally hailing from the tea fields of Kenya, Zara has found her sanctuary in the vibrant landscapes of Uganda for the past 18 years.

Zara’s journey into the travel industry began in 1998 when she honed her skills amidst the majestic slopes of Verbier. Since then, she has immersed herself in the enchanting realms of Africa, working and living in captivating locations in the Selous in Tanzania, the sun-kissed beaches south of Dar es Salaam, the historic Stone Town in Zanzibar, the remote coastal havens of Mozambique, the bustling city of Cape Town, and now the awe-inspiring Uganda.

With a wealth of experience in managing remote lodges, safari companies, aeroplane charter services, and exploring the mesmerizing reefs along the East Coast of Africa, Zara’s passion for Uganda is palpable. Her expertise ensures that your safari experience with Safari Skies is meticulously planned and flawlessly executed, leaving no detail overlooked.

Flying Safaris in Uganda

Zara Rourke

When she’s not busy creating unforgettable adventures, Zara resides in the bustling capital of Uganda, Kampala, alongside her husband Mike, daughter Ruby, and a delightful menagerie of dogs, cats, Guinea fowl, and tortoises.

Let Zara’s boundless love for Africa and her commitment to excellence elevate your safari journey to extraordinary heights